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A.W.E. Mahjong Series - May the HUAT be with you

December 07, 2020 2 min read

A.W.E. Mahjong Series - May the HUAT be with you

Hello you, happy friends of A.W.E.! 

For those who like mahjong (like many of us), our Mahjong series of designs are for you!

We just launched our new Mahjong collection, consisting of a few new silhouettes in our pretty Mahjong print - have you checked out the collection?



In addition to restocks of our loved Mahjong Kimono and Mahjong Men's Shirt (which looks really chic on ladies too - check out our try-on video on our IGTV to see how the ladies can style this men's shirt), we launched 4 new designs in our custom-designed Mahjong print - 2 tops and 2 dresses! And each of these tops and dresses can be worn 2 ways, so it's almost like we have 8 new designs! 



To celebrate the launch of the Mahjong collection (which is the first of our festive collections) his week, we are also collaborating with Charicia Wonderland and CustoMy Mahjong to host 4 giveaways - check out our instagram page to find out how to participate in these giveaways and you could possibly walk away with a bandana for your loved pet dog or a even a customised mahjong set with a customised case and tiles!




We hope you will like our Mahjong designs as much as we do! We worked extremely hard to bring these Mahjong designs to you, and we think they would make very fun, funny and chic outfits for the days you just want to have a laugh, or a light-hearted day-out, or a cute mahjong session!



May the HUAT be with you! Thank you for your support and love, we love you back <3



Team A.W.E.