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Our Favourite WFH Outfits

June 07, 2020 3 min read

Our Favourite WFH Outfits - All Would Envy

WFH, an abbreviation for “Work-From-Home” is not a term unfamiliar to us as we tide through this pandemic. Staying at home has resulted in a shift of clothing choices for most of us - one that is more comfortable and casual. After all, we are at the comfort of our own homes and no one is watching us anyway.

The All Would Envy Team has come up with a few different outfit ideas to start your day right and make your WFH sessions a more productive one. Be confident and motivated in the comfort of your own home.

1. Paddle Pop Sleeved Top 

WFH sessions can be mundane at times but fret not, our Paddle Pop Sleeved Top is bound to make your days more lively! You may also consider sizing up for a more relaxed and comfortable look and yet look flawless at the same time. Pair it with casual shorts or jeans if you may like.

2. Vanessa Double-Breasted Romper

For all of us who refuse to be anything but cosy in our cribs, this romper is perfect for your daily zoom meetings. A “throw-on-and-go” kinda style but also makes you look classy at the same time. This is why rompers are a girl’s best friend!

Vanessa Double-Breasted Romper comes in two colours: Sage and Navy. Opt the Sage piece for more relaxed and laid-back days or Navy for a time when you’re serious and ready to hustle. Both pieces will be sure to flatter you.

3. Sushi Two-Way Top

Our third outfit idea is this incredibly adorable top from our Sushi Collection! We chose this top due to its versatility - you can opt for a v-neckline or straight neck-line. If you’re at a loss for what to wear, you can repeat this outfit by switching them too! Pair this top with lounge shorts or pants and you’re ready to start the day. Oh boy, I’m already getting hungry from looking at this piece.

4. Cherlyn Two-Tone Overlap Dress

For those who cannot decide to wear a dress or a two-piece, the Cherlyn Two-Tone Overlap Dress is the solution for you! Get cosy at your workstation in this simple and casual outfit which also comes with functional side pockets too. Dresses are always a go-to for relaxed days.

Cherlyn Two-Tone Overlap Dress comes in two colours: White and Blue.


5. Brynn V-Neck Linen Midi Dress

Next up is our Brynn V-Neck Linen Midi Dress (and also our writer’s personal favourite). If you’re wondering, this dress is made up of 60% linen which allows for more airflow over your body. With the weather being extremely hot these few days, you don’t have to worry about the fabric clinging to your skin. The two functional pockets in the front makes it accessible and convenient as well. Definitely a staple piece and oh, it comes in 14 different colours too!

6. Mahjong Lounge Drawstring Shorts

All mahjong lovers rejoice!!! We have just restocked our Mahjong Lounge Drawstring shorts. This piece comes with functional side pockets and an elastic waistband with drawstring - perfect for comfy WFH days or your occasional mahjong sessions. We suggest you pair this with our Mahjong Two-Way Top or just any plain top and you’re ready to rock the day!

Have you gotten more ideas on your WFH outfits? We hoped this post has inspired you in a way or two. Shop all of our favourite WFH outfits at allwouldenvy.com!

Remember to stay safe and stylish even when you are at home. 💗



Mika from Allwouldenvy