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Our first retail space!

August 28, 2019 3 min read

Our first retail space! - All Would Envy

We finally have our own physical space, at the new and exciting Funan mall, and we can’t wait to have you all check it out!

The All Would Envy space at Funan is an open concept store right in the middle of the mall (we are not kidding). We wanted a space that is different and stands out from the crowd, and we think we got what we wanted! At our store, you can find our proudest designs (including all our custom-printed designs) and touch and try them for yourselves. Gone are the days where you’d have to zoom into pictures on our website to figure what the material is like!

And if you are wondering what those printed boxes above are, they are our fitting rooms! We recently plastered them with our custom-printed stickers and we really hope you like them as much as we do (we love how the fitting rooms now brighten the whole space up). Come try our latest designs in these cute pods which are spacious and come with a full length mirror and a few hooks!

Our store is located in between levels 2 and 3, on the “Tree of Life” (the structure in the middle of mall), a place you would probably not expect to see a clothing retail store!
To blend into the “Tree of Life”, we also decorated the store with plants and plant creepers, to the point that we sometimes wonder whether we camouflage too well! So to fix the possible over-camouflaging, we also made use of neon lights for our signage and the it’s AWE-SO-ME quote you see above (and some might then comment, “as if you’re not already in the limelight!”), haha.

You may also be wondering why there is a lift right in the middle of our store (which some people think is our fitting room at first glance! As we are the only store on level 2.5 of the mall (and our store takes up the entire level) and every part of the mall needs to be accessible to all, the lift has to be somewhere in our store! We think it (oddly) adds to the uniqueness of the space, and probably serves as a grand entrance for some of our visitors! As level 2.5 (our floor) is the lowest storey the lift serves, we always have visitors who thought they could reach level 1 of the mall and end up in our store!

Anyway, to celebrate the opening of our first physical space, we organized a Media Preview Party that took place a few days ahead of our opening, and we are so grateful that so many (new and old) friends of the brand and people whom we have worked with before attended the party!

This is a snippet of what went on during the party:

To host our guests (whom we truly love), we ordered amazing sushi from Waa Cow! which everyone loved to bits, kuehs and cakes from our go-to cake shop, Chalk Farm and delicious açai juice from The Acai Collective. We also invited the Slik Studios to set up a marbling booth where our guests could marble-design their own ceramic coasters and the friendly people from The Daily Bundle to set up the most gorgeous flower bar for our guests to make their own floral bouquets!

We had an awesome time hosting and catching up with the friends of the brand and the only regret we have is that we couldn’t have more time with everyone! Here are some shots of (us and) our guests at the party:

Thank you for reading the post till here. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and friends who helped bring us to where we are now. We hope to continue to grow and hope to have your continued support and love. Thank you so much, and see you at Funan #02-K09!