• How to use my store credits?
    • 1. Please ensure that you are signed in to your account.
    • 2. Add the items you wish to purchase to cart.
    • 3. Click on the cart icon on the top right of the screen.
    • 4. Click on the store credits button.
    • 5. Key in how much store credits you wish to redeem and click redeem.
    • 6. Your store credits have been applied. You may return to cart and proceed to checkout.
  • How do I recover store credits that were redeemed wrongly?
    • 1. Visit your account page. 
    • 2. Click on store credits. 
    • 3. Click on recover to recover the store credits that were wrongly issued to you. 
  • What is the validity of store credits? 
    • 1. Store credits issued for returns have a validity of 6 months. 
  • What is the value of store credits that will be issued to me?
    • 1. Store credits will be issued to you in the cash value of the item. If a return was made on an item where a discount code was used, store credits will be issued in the discounted amount that was paid to us. 
    • 2. Store credits are not issued for shipping fees.
  • Are there any restrictions when using store credits? 
    • 1. Store credits cannot be used with another discount code or loyalty rewards
    • 2. Store credits cannot be used to offset shipping fees. 
    • 3. Store credits can only be used for purchases made on
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