Size Guide
  • Please note that this is a backorder. Stocks for this item are not available at the moment and will only arrive at a later date - please refer to backorder status. As such, please do not purchase this item together with any other instock/ backorder items unless you are comfortable with waiting for the backorder item to arrive before your entire order is shipped.
Backorder Status
  • Updated on 1 June 2019: Backorder will close on Monday, 3 June 2019, 23:59h or when all slots are filled. Stocks are expected to arrive in 4-5 weeks
  • Updated on 3 June 2019: Backorder is closed
  • Updated on 4 June 2019: Backorder re-opened with limited slots
    • Polyester material with slight stretch
    • Inner lining
    • Position of print is fixed
    • Meant for a relaxed loose fit

    Taking care: It is recommended for printed clothing to be hand washed in cool water, laid flat and left to dry to avoid colour transfer.